Dirt, Debris, Germs: Birds of a Feather Wreck Machine Performance

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Dirt, Debris, Germs: Birds of a Feather Wreck Machine Performance

Mar 31, 2020 10:09:40 AM / by James Timmins

We’ll never look at card readers, touchscreens, fast food kiosks, or any other optical reading machine the same again. With COVID-19, there will be a seismic shift in the attention paid to cleaning for the rest of time. There’s no going back.

Any business that relies on data being optically read or buttons being pushed by human fingers will need to step up their attention to machine maintenance. At the root of it all is dirt: microscopic debris that is invisibly carried in to the machine at the input source. That dirt impacts the effective function of the machine.

That microscopic debris wants company so it doesn’t take long for the dirt and other microscopic pals to find their way. Before you know it, effective function is compromised and transactions begin to fail.


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KICTeam is the 21st century expert in technical cleaning solutions. Since 1997, we have provided the right cleaning agents and the right cleaning tools to a 

global community. KICTeam’s singular focus has been keeping transactional and production technology and devices free of dirt and debris. The removal of internal and external debris keeps devices operating at their optimal level—but it also boosts the environmental health of a business.

KICTeam’s comprehensive line of products work together to clean public touch points of technology—inside and out—so that businesses, business employees, and business clientele feel confident and comfortable in their environment. We are committed to the health of machine efficiency.

Twenty-first century consumers interact with countless pieces of public technology on a daily basis. For business owners, maintaining the cleanliness of their technology promotes a healthy staff and clientele—and promotes their technical and transactional health.

Whether it’s an ATM, a business printer, a restaurant kiosk, a POS terminal, or a parking ticket reader, these public devices are centers of commerce and convenience. Unfortunately, if improperly cleaned or maintained, they will malfunction. That impacts not just that individual transaction but the reputation of the company as well.

With COVID-19 joining that cocktail earlier this year, cleaning has taken on an entirely new spotlight. With the situation developing so rapidly and internationally, not all experts agree on the most effective methods of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing homes and businesses. What is clear however, is that regular maintenance and cleaning is essential to keep technology functioning and companies performing reliably with business as usual.


James Timmins

Written by James Timmins

Jimmy Timmins has worked with leaders in the financial, gaming, logistics and retail industries to develop specialized solutions for their equipment needs for over 20 years.